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Major Internal Command Shakeup at Philadelphia Police Department

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There are changes coming to the management of the Philadelphia Police Department.

There are 36 different command changes to the Philadelphia Police Department that were announced this afternoon by Mayor Michael Nutter and police commissioner Charles Ramsey.

The changes are designed to streamline the department command structure, says Ramsey, and to give commanders more responsibility.

Four deputy commisioners will be retiring, and Ramsey is replacing only one of them.

By the numbers, there are six police divisions in Philadelphia.  Five of the six are getting new inspectors.

There are 21 police districts in the city, and seven are getting new captains. One key move is that Chief Inspector Myron Patterson, who had been on loan to the Philadelphia School District as the head of the school police force there (see related story), is now back with the Philadelphia Police Department as part of the South Partol division.

The school district's police force will be led by Chief Inspector Carl Holmes, who will be replacing Patterson.

Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Ramsey say the changes will streamline the command structure and ultimately make the city more safe.

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