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Madonna Explains Manchester Tech Debacle

By Hayden Wright

At the Manchester, U.K., stop of her Rebel Heart Tour, Madonna encountered some technical difficulties. When members of her audience booed, the pop queen delivered some tough love from the stage.

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But it didn't stop there: After the show, Madonna took to Instagram, beckoning, "FACTS: its good to have them before you jump to conclusions!" A sharp opening, but the message kind of fell apart from there. She broke down troubles with timing and equipment, and claimed that she was even fined for the mishap.

In conclusion to the lengthy caption, Madonna wrote "And I thank all my Rebel Heart fans for understanding! We did our best!"

Unfortunately, "technical difficulties" just aren't that interesting to understand. As a superstar, you fix them and move on. Madonna seemed to get this memo when she posted a followup selfie captioned "I love you sooooooo much <3."


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