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Made Up Trade: Sixers Get 1st Round Pick In Four Team Deal With Bulls, Celtics, Cavs

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It's week two of the made up trade column, and boy does Ethan have a doozy.

If you need a refresher on what this is, and why it exists, please check the first week's column.

This week, we've got a four team deal involving the Sixers, Bulls, Celtics and Cavs.

Remember, the architect of the trade is Ethan, who you can follow on Twitter at @Giles1228. I'm just the messenger.

Salary and years left on the deal in parentheses:

Sixers Get:

Sergey Karasev ($1.2 million, two years plus team option)

Tristan Thompson ($4.1 million, two years)

Chicago Bulls 2014 First Round Pick

Bulls Get:

Thaddeus Young ($8.9 million, three years)

Courtney Lee ($5.2 million, three years)

Lavoy Allen ($3.1 million, one year)

Bulls also amnesty Carlos Boozer

Cavs Get:

Luol Deng ($14.3 million, one year)

Brandon Bass ($6.5 million, two years)

Celtics Get:

Anderson Varejao ($9 million, then $4 million buyout)

Why the Sixers do it: Why not! Well first, they clear the salary of Thaddeus Young, whose contract has another three years on it. They add a first round pick in what's being called one of the best drafts in recent history. They also add two young assets in Karasev and Tristan Thompson, both on very movable, rookie contracts.

Why the Bulls do it: Ok, this one is a bit tougher a sell than the others. Maybe they just don't like the way Carlos Boozer screams all the time? They get a young, aggressive player in Thaddeus Young, whose defense has improved notably over the last two seasons. Young seems built to play for a guy like Thibodeau. The Bulls add some back court depth in Courtney Lee, and a person who plays basketball in Lavoy Allen. The trade of Luol Deng also allows the Bulls to give more minutes to Jimmy Butler.

Why the Cavs do it: The Cavs want to be better this year, but don't want to tie up too much salary for next year, in hopes that they can convince Lebron James to come back. In adding Deng and Bass, they add two veteran players that will make them better right now. As well, Deng's contract expires at the end of this season, leaving plenty of room for Lebron.

Why the Celtics do it: The Celtics clear salary in coming seasons, and get worse. The two goals of just about every non-contender in the NBA right now.

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