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Sports Experts Expect NCAA To Impose Sanctions On Penn State

By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In light of the Louis Freeh report, the NCAA is now left to decide whether to impose penalties against the football program at Penn State.

There are wide-ranging opinions circulating as to the penalties Penn State should or should not face in light of the Louis Freeh report.

Sports and Entertainment Attorney Lloyd Zane Remick expects civil and criminal actions against those involved and believes the NCAA will impose sanctions.

"Losing some of their rights in football, either for a post season or for scholarships, that's a possibility. I don't think that they will Draconically say you're now out of the Big 10 or that you're now forbidden to play football."

Remick says the ramifications to the school will happen whether the NCAA imposes sanctions or not. The school's reputation is damaged which in turn will impact enrollment and funding.

Some are calling for the NCAA to shutdown Penn State's football program, but Bill Baldini, President of BAC Sports Management does not foresee that happening.

"But it could be taking away a number of scholarships or all of the scholarships...all the athletic scholarships. Let's say they take away scholarships for three years, they might never be able to compete in the top 25 again."

Regardless of the punishment, the ripple effect from the scandal is far reaching.

"The players aren't the only ones who are suffering. It's the coaches who are losing their jobs, the administration who is now going to be less funded, the school's going to be less funded. The students no longer have that same atmosphere."

And some say that is punishment enough given that those involved in the reported coverup are no longer with the university.

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