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Local Parishioners Gather For Papal Mass Viewing Party

By Lynne Adkins

HORSHAM, Pa., (CBS) -- So what do you do on a fall Sunday -- you tailgate in our area, right?

That's what parishioners at St. Catherine of Siena in Horsham are doing in the parking lot.

Later, they are going to go into the church to watch the mass as a the church family.

"I'm here and I'm enjoying the day with our parishioner family and I just don't want to go for the crowds. I didn't want to walk, so this is very nice so we got together with my girlfriend, me and her, saying we'll tailgate so and she had a tailgating and it worked out so nice. We have a beautiful day, a lot of people showed up and we're having a great time out here," said Debbie Morton.

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