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Local Author Writes New Book For Premature Babies

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A Philadelphia woman authored a new book for premature babies, hoping it also helps parents.

"It's shock, it is not the normal or traditional introduction to parenthood," says Jenne Johns, when describing her emotions days after giving birth to her son Tochi in 2014.

Photo credit: KYW's Cherri Gregg

He was a micro-preemie, born just over a pound, who spent months in the NICU. She says those were painful days she and her husband had to leave their baby in the hospital and head home alone:

"It is like no experience you could imagine."

Fast forward and Tochi is a 2 1/2 year old rambunctious toddler, but Johns will never forget the feeling of having a preemie. So she channeled the energy into "Once Upon A Preemie" -- a children's book designed to help parents bond with their babies while in the NICU.
The illustrated book tells the simple story of a seed that grows into a flower big enough to go home.

"Allowing the baby to hear your voice is very soothing to his brain and heart," says Johns. "I am hoping that the spiritual nature of the book is that to the baby, but also to the parents as well."

Johns is hosting a book signing on Tuesday. For more, CLICK HERE.

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