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Lien Placed On Mayor Nutter's Home For Failure To Pay PGW Bill

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Mum is mostly the word from Mayor Michael Nutter's press office over word that Philadelphia Gas Works had a court place a lien on Nutter's home in May because he hadn't paid his gas bill.

A filing in Common Pleas court reveals that a lien was initiated by PGW against Michael Nutter on his home for owing around $500 for past gas bills.

A court filing on May 18th indicates the bill was paid and the matter was settled.

The mayor's spokesman, Mark McDonald, said Nutter's PGW account is now "current" and that his failure to pay previously was "a private matter" and refused to discuss how it came about that Nutter owed so much.

When asked if Nutter owing PGW sent a bad message to others who owe, McDonald said, "I don't think it sends a message of one sort or another. The mayor tries to stay current on his bills like everyone else."

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PGW has a reputation for being aggressive in filing liens on homeowners who don't pay their gas bills and that extends even to the Mayor.

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