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Lawyer For Bill Cosby Sex Assault Accuser Questions Former Prosecutor's Motives

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - When an army of lawyers marched into a federal courtroom in Philadelphia to deal with issues in connection with the Bill Cosby sexual assault case, an expected battle over related motions did not materialize.

But a lawyer for the alleged victim questions a former prosecutor's motives.

Judge Eduardo Robreno was ready to hear arguments on a range of motions filed back in February, but lawyers for Cosby, and the alleged victim, Andrea Constand, have since resolved some of their issues. Or, at least they told the judge the points of contention were becoming "moot."

But Constand's lawyer, Bebe Kivitz, wants to drill more deeply into emails and memos to "memorialize" pertinent conversations former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor had with Cosby's Philadelphia lawyer, Brian McMonagle.

In an awkward twist, the former prosecutor who declined to prosecute Cosby back in 2005, was called by Cosby's lawyers 2 1/2 months ago to testify in Cosby's pre-trial criminal hearing in Montgomery County. Castor says there was "insufficient credible and admissible evidence."

Constand filed a defamation lawsuit against Castor in 2015. Kivitz alleges Castor called into question her credibility, which would be a key factor, if the trial proceeds, and Constand takes the stand.

It was Judge Robreno's initial ruling in 2015 that unsealed key portions of the decade old filings from Andrea Constand's civil lawsuit against Cosby.

Now facing aggravated indecent assault charges in Montgomery County, Cosby is free on $1-million bail as pretrial aspects of his criminal case are appealed.

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