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Kimmel Center Presents 'Paper Planet'

By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Kimmel Center presents, "Paper Planet," April 9 through the 23.

Inside the Kimmel Center, Jay Wahl, artistic director of programming and presentations gives a preview of the program:

"It's a project by an Australian theater company named Polyglot and their specialty is doing really unusual interactive theater works for small children. "Paper Planet" is a project for kids from three years old to eight years old and it's really an opportunity to release their imagination with the performers."

Jay says the show is so special because, "each successive group of kids as the festival goes on will keep adding to this paper planet. And so the flowers and squirrels and badgers and whatnot that one group of kids make will be there for the next group of kids. And by the end of the end of the festival we will have just taken over that part of the Kimmel Center in paper."

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