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Josh Innes Praised For Refreshing Style On 94WIP

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Josh Innes arrived in Philadelphia in the beginning of 2013. Innes came from CBS' affiliate radio station in Houston to join SportsRadio 94WIP as a daily host. Now, in a major radio market, Innes is providing Philadelphia with a unique blend of irrelevant sports talk writes Vansh Bansal of

"Also intertwined in the show are some unorthodox opinions that don't necessarily correlate with the popular Philadelphia mindset," Bansal writes in hie piece. "In referring to the movie Tommy Boy, Innes summarized his stance: 'I do my show for the American working man because that's who I am, and that's who I care about.'"

Sports talk radio in Houston is much different than in Philly, as you might expect.

"During his Houston days, Innes was unable to experience broadcasting to a lively audience," writes Bansal. "Because the people of Houston lacked year-round attention to local sports, Innes would employ more of a 50-50 ratio between sports conversations and off-topic rants. Here, Innes has changed to a 75-25 ratio of sports to non-sports."

While Innes' style is definitely polarizing, he certainly isn't afraid of the criticism.

"Despite some of the negative results and criticisms, backlash should not be feared, Innes said, 'I think that if you're willing to go against the grain—and you end up being right on some of this stuff—it gives you more credibility to people that have a brain than if you just get on the air and ride the home team,'" said Bansal.

You can read the full article on Innes, here. 


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