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'It Was A Dream Come True, I Can't Believe It': Joel McHale On CBS All Access's 'The Twilight Zone'

(CBS Local)-- Season two of "The Twilight Zone" is streaming now on CBS All Access and Joel McHale is in one of the season's scariest episodes.

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While the actor and comedian has made name for himself making people laugh, McHale jumped at the opportunity to work with Jordan Peele and enter a world he has long been a fan of.

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"It was a dream come true that I now get to say I was on The Twilight Zone," said McHale in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I can't believe it. I grew up watching every episode and then I watched the movie The Twilight Zone. I was thrilled to be a part of it. We got to shoot for two weeks in Vancouver and I love it up there. It was right before COVID-19 and I look back on it in a very romantic and rosy way."


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McHale's episode is called "8" and it tells the story of a team of scientists who discover a new highly intelligent species that threatens to take over the world. The actor was blown away by the opportunity to work with Peele and explore some of the topics of the show.

"Rod Serling pulled off something that was like going to the moon," said McHale. "The amount of work he did and so many that he wrote, I don't know how he got it through. Some of those episodes are damn terrifying. To think that these were on in people's homes in the 60s is crazy. They hold up because his vision and he did not compromise. The direction it's going with Jordan [Peele] and he was there and he was great and really cool. I would do it again in a New York minute, it was so much fun. Jordan is very easy going and this sonic boom of a genius in there. His touch is clearly on it."

Watch "The Twilight Zone" on CBS All Access now.

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