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IRS Performs 'Routine' Audit On Philadelphia School District

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Internal Revenue Service is auditing the Philadelphia School District but school officials say it's just routine.

The district's chief finance officer, Michael Masch (pictured), says the IRS has asked for 28 points of information but he says that's nothing out of the ordinary, "The purpose is to determine whether the school district and its employees are in compliance with federal tax laws. I mean, this is pretty routine stuff. We get audited on lots of things."

Masch does say this is the first time anyone in the district can remember the IRS auditing the district. He also admits the district was not prepared when auditors showed up at the district Tuesday, but he says the auditors were understanding.

"We apologized and explained to them that we have the little matter of a budget crisis which they were not too aware of," Masch says.

Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio 1060

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