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The Wildwoods prepare for rain, storms ahead of Irish Weekend

Residents in Wildwood preparing for storms over Irish Weekend
Residents in Wildwood preparing for storms over Irish Weekend 02:13

NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. – Businesses and neighbors are preparing for the annual Irish Weekend cultural festival that could be impacted by storms on Saturday.

"People think Labor Day is the end of the summer," James Reeves, General Manager of Keenan's Irish Pub, said. "But, Irish Weekend is really the end of the summer."

The festival usually welcomes hundreds of thousands to the coastal area of The Wildwoods to celebrate Irish culture with music, food, and family fun. He said he was not that worried about the rain in the forecast.

"It's the wind that's concerning. Just stuff blowing around. The vendors are on the street. It's usually a good weekend for everyone to kind of capstone the summer. So hopefully, it's not ruined for everyone," Reeves said.

He said he tried to order tents to keep customers dry.

"The tent companies don't want to put the tents up because of the possibility of the wind, the tents blowing away," Reeves said.

He was also worried about the vendors and partiers in the street.

"If it is already raining, it floods down here. So, the flooding gets bad," Reeves said.

However, he was optimistic neighbors would celebrate in The Wildwoods anyway.

"People have already spent money for hotel rooms and they've spent money for houses already. So, I think people are coming regardless," Reeves said.

Customer Patrick Rettig said he could not wait to be at Irish Weekend.

"I'm here now, ain't I? We start a little early," Rettig said.

His friend Donald Bowers said he will stay home, but not because of the rain.

"On Saturday and Sunday, it gets a little too crazy. I'm 60, so I'm a little old for that," Bowers said. 

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