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'I'm Always Out There Working': Eagles QB Carson Wentz Responds To Criticism Of Alleged Sloppy Practice Habits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Struggling Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is responding to criticism about his practice habits. Wentz and the Birds were forced to deal with a lingering story.

A few days ago, a report surfaced saying that people within the organization believed some sloppy practice habits were surfacing during games.

Wentz was asked about the report on Wednesday.

"Are my practices perfect? No, I mean, that's why it's practice. As far as sloppy practice habits and those things, for one, you guys are out there everyday and then you guys are asked to leave, so the media's not even out there, so I don't know where that's coming from. But it is what it is," Wentz said. "I know I'm not perfect, I know that's why it's practice and I got to be better all the time. I'm always out there working, I know everybody else is. So I haven't seen any of that from myself or really from anybody. We're out there busting our tails everyday. Do mistakes happen? Absolutely. But is that something that I've seen or that I'm worried about from myself or anybody else? No, I'm not."

The Eagles visit the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.


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