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Repaving Project On I-95 In South Philly 'Like Hitting A Brick Wall,' Causing Dangerous Situation, Drivers Warn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- I-95 in South Philadelphia is undergoing a major repaving project, but Eyewitness News viewers say it's creating a dangerous situation. It's a very bumpy ride on the stretch of highway between Pattison Avenue and the Girard Point Bridge.

"I thought I was going to lose my life, to be quite honest with you," Anthony DiPasquale said.

DiPasquale is left rattled and stranded after hitting exposed bridge joints on I-95. The impact was so intense it blew out his front tire.

"It's like you're hitting a brick wall," DiPasquale said. "Your whole front end gets screwed up. Luckily, I just got a flat and I was able to get over to the right."

The repaving project is happening in the southbound lanes between Pattison Avenue and the Girard Point Bridge, near the stadiums.

"It was horrible, horrible," John Caouette said. "We were doing 40/45 miles per hour."

If you haven't driven this stretch of roadway, this is what happens. You're driving down the road and all of a sudden, your car hits one of these joints. It could lead to a dangerous situation if you're not paying attention. But get this, PennDOT says there's nothing wrong.

PennDOT tells Eyewitness News they sent their team out Thursday morning to investigate the issue, but they say the joints are the correct height. They also say if anyone gets a flat tire or other damage, they can file a claim with the contractor, Driscoll Construction Company in Blue Bell, by calling them at 610-828-7472.

AAA says they've gotten additional calls from customers, but during the busy construction season, they say the best thing you can do is slow down.

"I'm not determining that's the factor of any of our business of why we're up there more," said Carl Finn, with AAA. "We patrol the whole entire 95 South and all of that stuff, north."

PennDOT says the southbound phase of the project will last another two weeks, but then, they have to do the northbound lanes.

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