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How Much Is Going To Work Costing You?

by Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- On this holiday, you may want to consider how much it's costing you to be part of the labor force.

We spend around $3000 dollars a year just to go to work, according to a recent study. Child care takes a bite, as does doggy day care.

Mike Falco, financial advisor at Falco Wealth Management in Berwyn, says looking the part can cost hundreds annually.

"When you're deciding whether to buy an outfit, crunch the numbers think about how many times you're gonna wear it. It's not a bridesmaid dress where you're gonna wear it once and put it in the closet, these are things you want to get use out of. Look for things that don't need dry cleaning, look for high quality, low maintenance pieces to add to your wardrobe," said Falco.

Driving to the office can cost more than $1000 a year, so save fuel costs by lightening the load in your vehicle, drive slower, and shop your car insurance to save cash.

Don't forget those stops for coffee and muffins and lunches. You don't have to eliminate food, just brown-bag it more.

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