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Home Video Report: Early DeNiro-Scorsese Collaboration

By Bob Nelson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Some major movies are being reborn, in some cases thanks to the Blu-ray format.

Martin Scorsese is probably responsible for more movie classics than any other American filmmaker, and to witness his early days just return to Mean Streets, his 1973 gem currently available on Blu-ray.

Then there's The Astronaut's Wife from 1999, starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, dealing with a NASA spaceman who returns from orbit in what his wife feels is a "changed state."

Also out, a new release of Singin' In The Rain, certainly one of the top musicals, starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor, directed by Kelly and Stanley Donen, about the advent of the talkies in the '20s.

At another extreme: The Three Stooges, in which Bobby and Peter Farrelly research the roots of the trio's unique slapstick style.

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