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How Gina Zo found her dress for 65th Annual Grammy Awards

How Gina Zo found her dress for Grammy Awards
How Gina Zo found her dress for Grammy Awards 03:00

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The 65th Annual Grammy Awards are this Sunday, airing on CBS News Philadelphia. It's music's biggest night, but it's fashion on the red carpet that really steals the show.

So when a Philadelphia artist found out she was headed to Los Angeles for the show, she reached out to the next generation of designers.

Gina Zo is the lead singer of the indie pop band Velvet Rouge.

"The love child of Stevie Nicks and Florence Welch," Zo said, "which is pretty much exactly correct."

A member of the Recording Academy, Zo is headed to the Grammys and was looking for a dress designed just for her.

"I really wanted to tap into those Earth elements," Zo said, "but also be super sexy, because that is my brand."

So Zo reached out to the students in the fashion design program at Thomas Jefferson University.

"Jefferson has been an amazing school in all of the industries they have majors for," Zo said. "And I reached out. I have this great opportunity, I could really use some help finding the perfect fit for this, and I knew they would be it. It is unreal the talent these girls have."

These girls are Jefferson senior Lauren Schuler and Michaela Day.

"When I was younger, I used to watch the Grammys when it was on TV," Schuler said, "and I would sit there and sketch the dresses I saw on the runway.  Now it's so cool because I am actually going to be on the runway, my dress."

Her dress is black organza with several layers, beaded applique and rhinestones, a look she describes as elegant, with a little rock and roll.

Interesting and bold, like Zo.

"I want them to know how confident she is," Schuler said. "I want them to know how talented she is, and I want them to see a beautiful woman and say 'oh my gosh, who is that?'"

"What I decided to do was have her drip in beads and make her be very opulent, stand out," Day said.

Day recently graduated and is working as a designer in New York, she taught herself to do the beadwork that will complete the whole look.

"So I thought of adding these beads and really bright gold beads to accentuate and show that feminity and that power," Zo said.

When Zo walks the red carpet Sunday, her dress will represent both the sun and the moon.

This team of three ladies, the stars.

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