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George Pollydore, Anthony Clark Held Family Hostage Inside Holmesburg Home For Entire Weekend: Prosecutors

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Two men face kidnapping, assault, and robbery charges after the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office says they held a Holmesburg family hostage inside their own home for an entire weekend. Authorities said the duo threatened the victim's elderly father, family friend, and child in the process.

George Pollydore, 28, and Anthony Clark, 52, are both being held without bail.

Holmesburg Home Invasion George Pollydore and Anthony Clark
George Pollydore: Anthony Clark (Credit: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office)

According to prosecutors, the incident began on Feb, 4 when Pollydore and Clark abducted the victim on his way to work. They assaulted him, took his cash electronically, and then took him back to his home. There, the pair also abducted his wife and child, robbing the family of more money and goods.

Pollydore and Clark reportedly stayed in the family's home, holding them against their will. They only left once, when they took the initial victim to "rob him further and inflict additional violence against him," prosecutors said.

The elderly father of the first victim came by the house on Feb. 6 to check on the family. The suspects abducted him as well, assaulting and robbing him.

The suspects also threatened to harm the family's infant child to "secure additional financial information," prosecutors said.

When a family friend came by to check in, they became the fifth victim in the abduction.

On the night of Feb. 6, Pollydore and Clark took the first victim to a casino, where they tried to get rid of evidence. That's where they left the victim and his vehicle.

The next day, Clark tried to withdraw funds from the family's account, which was flagged by a bank teller. He was taken into custody soon after. An arrest warrant for Pollydore, who was on court supervision for a 2016 theft case at the time, was approved on Feb. 10.

Officers arrested Pollydore on Feb. 16. The two face numerous charges, including kidnapping, aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy, possession of an instrument of crime, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, terroristic threats, and other related offenses.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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