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'You Don't Speak For The City': Gabe Kapler, Angelo Cataldi Get Into Heated Debate Over McCutchen Injury

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Phillies manager Gabe Kapler joined Angelo Cataldi's morning show on SportsRadio 94WIP on Friday and things got testy. Following the interesting last week for the team, the two had a heated conversation about Andrew McCutchen's injury.

Kapler was asked about the play on Monday night when McCutchen tore his ACL, specifically about Jean Segura's decision not to run hard out of the batter's box after he fell.

Cataldi mentions Segura's decision not to run led to the injury, but Kapler had a different perspective of the play.

"I'm saying that's not Segura's fault and to say that is absolutely irresponsible," Kapler said.

Cataldi insisted that the "whole city" thinks that it could have been a reason for the injury.

"Angelo, you don't speak for the whole city," Kapler responded.

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The back-and-forth continued as the radio host mentioned that he speaks with fans on a regular basis.

"I talk to a hell of a lot more fans than you do," he said. He went on to say that a poll question showed that 85% of people that answered feel that Segura should be held far more accountable for the injury.

As the interview came to an end, Kapler was asked if he would have done anything different this week.

"I may have handled this show a little different. I am very frustrated with you. Right now, I'm pretty perturbed," he said. "I think you didn't handle this show in a fair and reasonable way, and that's probably the thing I am most disappointed in, is the way you handled this show."

Cataldi ended the interview by saying he was disappointed in the manager's answers.

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