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Frances Wolf, Wife of Governor, Discusses Education Funding Initiatives in Norristown

By Brad Segall

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- Pennsylvania's first lady, crisscrossing the state to promote her husband's plan to restore funding to school districts, today heard from one Montgomery County district about how budget cuts have taken their toll.

The library at Fly Elementary School, in the Norristown Area School District, provided the backdrop as Frances Wolf, wife of Gov. Tom Wolf, met with two dozen teachers and administrators.

She asked if there were libraries in all the schools. Superintendent Janet Samuels answered yes, but pointed out that not all the schools have librarians.  She noted that significant cuts have taken a toll in the district, which has seen teacher layoffs and programs slashed.

Mrs. Wolf says she's in awe of teachers who do so much with so little.

"It's the students who are hurting," she said, "and (the teachers) are all doing their best to make up the difference, but there's a limit.  And so I find this very sobering."

Gov. Wolf has proposed raising the state income and sales taxes in an effort to raise more money for school districts, while cutting property taxes so seniors wouldn't be forced from their homes because they can't afford the tax bill.



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