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Former Prosecutor: Trump Is "Walking Into A Dangerous Situation" If He Is Interviewed By Mueller

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- "The President is not a suspect, he is not the repository of any information that Mueller can get only from The President," Former Prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy told The Rich Zeoli Show on 1210am WPHT about the possibility of President Trump sitting down with Robert Mueller, "I don't see any good reason at all for President Trump to have that conversation."

McCarthy also discussed the political ramifications of the President not sitting down with the special Prosecutor, "he may decide that politically its better to have it than to not have it, but I think he is walking into a dangerous situation, because those interviews can't be scripted ahead of time." "Even if they ask him questions in writing'', there is some ''danger there, if you do something you don't have to do with a Prosecutor." McCarthy concluded, " This is not the Hillary investigation, when you lie to the FBI you actually get a felony indictment over it, it's dangerous."


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