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Flyers Announce They Are Bringing 'Ice Girls' Back

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- It was as if the Flyers were skating into the locker room after an awful period of hockey. The boos were loud. Really loud. But this had nothing to with hockey and everything to do with the Flyers' Ice Girls.

PHOTOS: The Flyers' Ice girls in honor of their return

Last week the Flyers' ice-crew began cleaning the Wells Fargo Center ice during a preseason game, but there were no girls present, just guys. The fans didn't like it and began booing, loudly. On Tuesday, during the Flyers final home preseason game, the team announced they are bringing the Ice Girls back.

Tryouts to be a Flyers' Ice Girl are Sunday, October 5th at the Flyers Skate Zone in Vorhees, NJ.


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