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Financial Literacy Takes Center Stage

By Mike DeNardo 

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (CBS) --A Los Angeles-based rock group is touring area schools this week, teaching students about financial literacy. The first stop was Monday at Montgomery County Community College.

Financial discipline doesn't often come up at rock and roll shows, but 'Kansas'-bred guitarist and lead singer Gooding, he and his trio go by one name, said his message to students is that instant fame and fortune rarely happens.

"Slow and steady is actually a very, very good thing," Gooding said. "And while that doesn't sound rock and roll, what's rock and roll to me is these kids being able to do what they want with their lives."

The local tour is sponsored by Jenkintown Financial Planner Danielle Page.

"We want them to find a job and love it - and earn it and then creating a budget so that they can spend less than they're actually earning," Page said.

Montgomery County Community College sophomore Nick Silva says the message is more likely to hit home, coming from a musician.

"I think is would resonate better hearing it in a rock show," Silva said. "And it really connects with the students. It's really hard to connect with college students."

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