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Farmers In Delaware Are Planting Tighty-Whities As Part Of An Experiment

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SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. (CBS) - Farmers in Sussex County, Delaware are planting tighty-whities - but they're not hoping to grow more underwear - it's all part of a soil health challenge.

The Sussex Conservation District says the nationwide "Soil Your Undies Challenge" is a way of showcasing what should happen to something organic - like cotton underwear - when soils are healthy.

"Jayme Arthurs of NRCS with help from our newest planners, Taylor and Andrew, planted some tighty-whities in area farm fields for a soil health experiment. We even planted a pair in a backyard." said the Sussex Conservation District in a Facebook post.

According to farmers, when you bury something organic in healthy soil, the microbes, the earthworms and the mites that are living in the soil will eat and break down the organic matter. Farmers say that biological activity is the primary property of healthy soil.

The Sussex Conservation District says you can check out the outcome of their experiment on Aug. 14 at the Soil Health Field Day at Baxter Farms in Georgetown.

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