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Expert Warns Against Flying With Infant In Arms

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If you're flying with a baby or small child this holiday season, take note: there is new pressure on the FAA to require that all children have their own seats on airplanes.

Dr. Dennis Durbin (right) is a pediatrician at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

"It is clearly not the way that anyone who knows anything about safe transportation of children would recommend that children travel with their parents," Durbin told KYW Newsradio on Thursday.

Durbin says there's no question that kids on airplanes are safer when securely fastened in their own seats -- even though federal law does not require it.

"Why should we treat children differently than we treat the adult passengers on the aircraft?" he wondered aloud.  "That, philosophically, doesn't make any sense to me."

A special transportation committee is now urging the FAA to reconsider the current policy.

Reported by Margie Smith, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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