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Expanding The Worldview Of College Students

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - If you ask a group of Clark University athletes how they spent their winter break, they'll eagerly talk about their visit to Loma Linda, Guatemala. While they taught kids soccer and brought uniforms and equipment, the message was team building for both the young and old.

Clark students learned about poverty and the day-to-day struggle of the people, that there is no high school in the community and small wages that laborers made in the coffee industry couldn't buy the highest-grade coffee for themselves – so the Clark group bought it for them.

The trip was sponsored and financed primarily by the Seven Hills Global Outreach, an organization that supports humanitarian efforts in developing nations, and the group left wanting to tell its story and make tourism a boost for the country.

The effort represents two new thrusts in college education – entrepreneurism and experiential learning. Read more in The Boston Globe.

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