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Eric Trump: Clinton Left 'A Total Mess' In Syria, Lybia And Iraq

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Donald Trump's son, Eric, called Hillary Clinton's time at the State Department a 'total mess' and blamed Bill Clinton for the decline in American manufacturing industries in advance of the first presidential debate next week.

Trump, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, attacked the former Secretary's decades of public service.


"She's been a politician for 35 years. She's been a politician for, literally, just about as long as I've been alive. It's kind of hard to believe...and what are the accomplishments that came out of that? You look at Syria, it's a total mess. You look at Libya, it's a total mess. These were her brain childs when she was at the State Department. Look at Iraq, it's a total mess. We've spent $6 trillion overseas. We've lost, literally, thousands of thousands of lives, yet you have cities all over the country, Philadelphia one of them, where you have inner cities that are totally run down. You have schools which are doing an awful job at educating our children."

He also alleged Bill Clinton signing the North American Free Trade Agreement is responsible to stagnating wages and growing unemployment.

"We have huge unemployment. Median wages in this country, people haven't gotten a raise in this country in 15 years, if you can believe it. People are making the same amount of money now as they were making 15 years ago. You have 100 million people out of the workforce in the United States. Since Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 2001[sic], the greatest job killing bill in history, we've lost one third of all manufacturing in this nation."

Trump said his Father is preparing for Monday's debate and will continue to share his message with voters.

"He's a guy who, honestly, surrounds himself with very smart people, the best generals, the best people in every industry and he talks and he listens. He comes up with his own opinions and his own plans. He's maybe a little bit more informal about doing it and then, when he gets out, he speaks from the heart. Quite frankly, sometimes when he does, he talks about controversial issues that face the country, but we've started a lot of really great conversations based on the fact that he's just brutally honest about so many topics and so many issues that plague this nation."


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