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Electricity Choice Helping PA Customers Save Green By Going Green

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- More than 1.7 million Pennsylvania electricity customers have shopped for a better, or greener deal.  Maybe both.

Figures released last week by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission keep track of the roll-out of electricity choice. About 31% of Pennsylvania homes and businesses have plugged in to something other than their default electricity provider, accounting for 57% of the power load.  In PECO's territory, 29% have switched, accounting for 59% of the load.

Both the EPA and the City are cheerleading to switch to renewable power. At an event promoting green energy, Harry Warren of Washington Gas Energy Services, was in tune with the push to get more businesses on the green team.

"We're very happy to have some flagship customers here in the Philadelphia area, Yards Brewery, Pearl-Pressman Printing," Warren said. "We have special offers right now for residential customers."

Tom Kehoe, President of Yards Brewing Company, says his customers approve of Yards making the move.

"They really like their hometown brewery," Kehoe says. "They like the fact that we're doing things that are greener and it makes them feel a little stronger about our products."

Kehoe points out the price difference is minimal. Residential customers might even find it's cheaper to go green.

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