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Election Officials Keeping Eye Out For Potential Issues Popping Up At Polling Sites Across Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Election officials are keeping an eye out for any issues that may pop up across the Philadelphia region. The Fillmore music venue has been transformed into a voting location for the first time during this extraordinary 2020 election.

It's been very smooth for voters at the Fillmore in Center City. While there are no issues to report there, that has not been the case at other polling places in the city.

Over at the Solis Cohen Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia, people reported voting machines were not delivered until after 9 a.m. That's more than two hours after polling places were supposed to be open.

People could be seen standing around looking confused. Eyewitness News asked the City Commissioner's Office why the machines arrived after 9 a.m.

Meantime, one of President Donald Trump's staffers, Mike Roman, sent a retweet on Twitter saying "bad things happen in Philadelphia."

The original tweet shows photos of a makeshift ballot with only the names of Democratic candidates like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It was posted on the outside wall near the doors of the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush in Northeast Philadelphia -- which is a polling place.

But the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office responded on Twitter.


"Members of our Election Task Force have investigated this allegation," the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office tweeted. "This polling place is located in an interior room and the sign in question is further than 10 feet from it. This tweet is deliberately deceptive."

The Secretary of State also went further and explained Tuesday morning if a polling place is located in a specific room inside of a building, as long as political signs are posted 10 feet away from that room than they are legal.

If you have any elections issues let CBS3 know on Twitter and Facebook.

For the latest election information visit CBS Philly's 2020 Election Guide.

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