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Ed Rendell On Paul Ryan's Refusal To Run For President: It's 'Cow Excrement...I Don't Buy It'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said that he is not interested in being drafted at the Republican convention to be their presidential candidate if neither Donald Trump or Ted Cruz obtain the 1237 delegates needed to lock up the nomination.

Ryan has been frequently named as a potential replacement for the declared candidates in the wake of a contested convention. However, rather than putting this matter to sleep, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell thinks Ryan's proclamation is meaningless.

Rendell, speaking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said if the party demands he runs at the convention, he'll answer the call.

"You know what that falls into the category of? Cow excrement. No I don't buy it...I think he's sincere as of today. But I think if the convention goes to three ballots and someone places his name in nomination and it's a stampede and he's nominated, I don't think he turns it down. He comes in the next day and says, reluctantly, I accept your nomination, I didn't seek it, but it's so important that we defeat Hillary Clinton that I'm accepting."

He said Ryan's renunciation of a run at the White House will only make him a more desired choice.

"It will whet the appetite of people to draft him even more...You always love what you can't have."

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