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Eagles Players Ready To Celebrate With Fans

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia's first-ever Super Bowl parade hits Broad Street and the Parkway on Thursday and Eagles players are soaring high with anticipation.

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"I've seen a lot of people crying; it's been a longtime coming," Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles said.

"Well, I mean you didn't have to look at fans; you look at the field and see a bunch of grown men crying, me included," Eagles safety and leader of the defense Malcolm Jenkins said.

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"Can't go to the grocery store right now," Brandon Graham joked. "Nah, but it's fun though. I'm enjoying the fans; they're loving it. I'm just happy to be able to see everybody smiling. Somebody came up to me and said, 'Man, I appreciate y'all so much.' There's people in here loving each other, hugging each other. Usually, it's people miserable coming in here.'"

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With more than 2 million expected along the parade route, the Eagles say they are ready for it now.

"I'm excited to get to this parade, just to put my eyes on the city and get to celebrate," Jenkins said. 'And obviously everybody involved is having a really good time right now."

Defensive end Vinny Curry said, "You really can't describe it. I mean, everybody going to celebrate in their own way. Philly, you know we're going to have one big party tomorrow."

Aside from the festivities Thursday, so much of the conversation has also been about the play heard round the world: Philly Special.

"It just felt right," Foles, who called it, said. "That's such a play where you have to feel it and when I told Doug (Pederson) I was feeling it, he felt the same way."

Curry described the Eagles defense getting up to see the the play unfold, "Fletch called it out, believe it or not. He was like, 'Yo, they about to do the play.' So, if you really watch, you'll see the whole D-line get up from the sideline like, 'There it go...Oh, oh, oh.' It was cool to see."

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Cox admitted to recognizing the play, saying "Yeah, I called it out. It's just like they practice it. Trey (Burton) threw a great ball in practice and he threw a great ball in the game, so Nick (Foles) got better hands than Tom Brady."

While there's no doubt that play call will be seen as one of the gutsiest and perhaps the greatest play call in the history of the super bowl, the Birds and the entire City of Philadelphia are looking ahead to Thursday and it's hard to fault them.

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