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Don't Plant Yet

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Are you ready? Don't jump the gun and plant too soon. Remember, the 'final frost' date around here is mid-May…although after this winter, honestly, who knows?

Just be careful and don't put any tender plants out too soon, even though you may see them in garden shops. Remember, stores can bring plants indoors or cover them on a cold night. But if you plant summer annuals outside too soon, you'll have only yourself to blame if they freeze and you'll have to plant them all over again.

How can I be so sure in telling you not to violate the final frost date? Because, I've done it. Years ago, I planted annuals on April 1st (no fooling) because it had been so warm that year, and I got lucky - they lived through spring and summer and were still going strong in October. But then two years ago I planted annuals in late April. Then it froze. And all my annuals died.

So, go shopping, pick out colors, plan your planting schemes and get excited. But don't plant tender annuals outside now unless you like taking a risk or love the idea of doing all that work all over again in a few weeks.

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