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Don't Forget The Gardener's Gift

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day in Britain and it was traditionally a day when people gave gifts or did a good turn for those who worked for them all year long.

Because servants had to work for the wealthier folks on Christmas Day, the 26th became their day off for celebrating and enjoying boxes of presents from their employers - and these days, it's also time for tipping.

While few of us are lords of country estates with large staff, maybe there's someone who helps you out in the garden all year - cutting your grass, helping you weed, or coming to prune the things you can't reach? Since winter isn't when you call on garden helpers as often - unless they shovel your walk, or when an ice storm brings down a tree and you need them really fast - maybe they slipped your mind or off your gift list?

So why not use today, Boxing Day, as a reminder to send a card or gift, bake some cookies, or give a tip if you can to thank those who help you keep your garden looking good throughout the year.

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