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Dom Giordano Column: What To Watch For This Election

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - For an off-year election, Tuesday's vote has some big races. Our listeners in New Jersey face the specter of Democratic candidate for governor Phil Murphy winning and setting up New Jersey as what he calls a "sanctuary state" with huge tax increases in any number of areas. In Virginia, the governor's race is being touted as a referendum on President Trump versus the Democratic resistance.

In Philadelphia, we have a big district attorney's race that involves Democratic candidate Larry Krasner who has received over a million dollars of support from George Soros. If Krasner is elected, the Philadelphia police will be under tremendous pressure.

However, many other Pennsylvania voters believe there is little reason to show up and vote. I always believe there is a reason to show up and vote.

An added reason to vote is a proposed constitutional amount that gives us a shot to greatly lower property taxes and break up the current status quo for funding public schools. The amendment would give legislators the power to reduce or eliminate property taxes.  Liberal groups like Public Citizens for Children and Youth have told various media sources that they oppose the amendment. That tells me a lot.

So, in addition to local races in your neck of the woods across Pennsylvania remember you have a chance to start to return some balance to the funding of your local public schools. I plan to vote for the amendment and I hope you do to.

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