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Man Has Legs Amputated After Dog's Lick Causes Blood Infection

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WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS Local) - A Wisconsin man has lost both of his legs after being licked by a dog.

According to the Milwaukee Patch, Greg Manteufel contracted Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria found in dog saliva that can cause sepsis. The blood infection spread quickly and resulted in amputations of both feet. Doctors would eventually be forced to remove parts of Manteufel's lower legs and nose as well.

"It hit him with a vengeance. Just bruising all over him. Looked like somebody beat him up with a baseball bat," the patient's wife, Dawn Manteufel said, via WHNT.

"This type of bacteria comes from the saliva of dogs. This infection in his blood triggered a very severe response on his body," Dr. Silvia Munoz-Price explained. Health officials add that victims of this bacteria usually have weak immune systems. Heavy drinkers, people who have had their spleens removed, and individuals with HIV or cancer are most at risk for contracting the infection.

"More than 99 percent of the people that have dogs will never have this issue. It's just chance," Dr. Munoz-Price added.

Manteufel's family has already raised over $18,000 through a GoFundMe page focused on taking care of the West Bend man's upcoming plastic surgeries.

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