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Dick Morris: 'Obama Is After Permanent Power, A Dictatorship For The Liberal Democratic Party'

By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall talked to author and fellow Talk Show Host Dick Morris about his new book, Power Grab, and the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.

Morris said his book focuses on President Obama's secret plan to manipulate illegal immigrants, Muslim refugees, and entitlement programs to attain unchecked power for Democrats.

"Obama is not after socialism, he's not after making us a European-style country, and he's not after income redistribution, inequality, [and] all that stuff. What he's after is permanent political power, a damn near dictatorship for the liberal Democratic Party. Unlike conservatives, like Reagan, who tried to persuade us that he's right, [Obama] is determined to fix the deck and game the system to a point where it always comes out that way."

He stated that a Hillary Clinton Presidency would do even more damage to our democracy.

"If you see Obama's purpose as being the permanent aggregation of dictatorial power, then you have to see Hillary as his chosen successor because she will do exactly the same thing, only perhaps even worse because her work against civil liberties will be even more draconian than Obama, if that's possible to believe. She's very Nixonian in the way she approaches stuff."

Morris also believes that poor performances from the current batch of potential Republican nominees leave the door open for Mitt Romney to possibly run again.

"It is vaguely conceivable. Lately, I've been very unimpressed with [Texas Governor Rick] Perry and he's the guy that I thought, if [former Florida Governor Jeb] Bush didn't run would be the guy who would step up and get that nomination. Now I'm not so sure and Romney might come in under the guise of stopping [Texas Senator] Ted Cruz, who has a reputation as a flame thrower, even though he's really not."


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