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Danelo Cavalcante prison break: Retired FBI agent offers insight into search

Retired FBI Agent offers insight into search of escaped inmate Danelo Cavalcante
Retired FBI Agent offers insight into search of escaped inmate Danelo Cavalcante 03:27

GLENMOORE, Pa. (CBS) -- Convicted killer Danelo Cavalcante was able to slip past law enforcement numerous times as the manhunt for the inmate nears two weeks, but how? 

A retired FBI special agent offered insight into the search after Cavalcante broke through the perimeter. 

But was the FBI special agent surprised Cavalcante was able to get past hundreds of law enforcement? 

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"I was not surprised," JJ Klaver, a retired FBI Agent, said. "I was thinking all along he's going to get his hands on a vehicle."  

The search for Cavalcante moved to a new area of Chester County after investigators say the escaped inmate stole a van and made it to the Phoenixville area over the weekend.

Klaver said that all fits with Cavalcante's profile.


"He is someone who is obviously resourceful. He is dangerous, I mean we know he's killed at least two people," Klaver said. 

The latest developments move the hunt for law enforcement. Officials announced that Cavalcante had already tried to get in touch with former work associates. 

Klaver says it will be key to identify and track down anyone Cavalcante may turn to next.  

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"Find out what are the connections, where are those connections, and where might he go to get help?" Klaver said.  

Klaver said while in the area, Cavalcante will likely try to gather more resources like clothes, food, water – even weapons – but the former FBI agent believes the convicted killer will soon try to get out of town.  

"I imagine he wants to put as much distance between himself and this area as possible," Klaver said.   


To do that – he'll need some kind of transportation. Klaver says Cavalcante could try to hop on a bus or train. But he thinks it's more likely he'll look to steal another vehicle, and that could be an opportunity for law enforcement. 

"Once that vehicle's reported stolen, everybody's looking for that vehicle," Klaver said.   

Meanwhile, Klaver said the public is a key asset for law enforcement. He's urging people to lock their doors and cars to try to cut Cavalcante off from gaining any more resources. He also said people need to check their cameras often and report anything they see quickly.  

"Time is of the essence in these kinds of investigations. If he's seen in an area, law enforcement has to get there quickly or he's going to flee again," Klaver said.

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Klaver says people need to be extra cautious right now – lock your homes, lock your cars – keep anything Cavalcante might be able to use inside. 

Klaver said one of the biggest advantages law enforcement has right now is time. He said Cavalcante likely isn't going to be able to sustain what he's doing. 

Klaver said he might get desperate, which could lead to a mistake and a big break. 

Pennsylvania State Police give update on search for escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante 42:45
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