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Coronavirus Latest: Driver License Testing Companies Worried They're Going To Lose Business To Parts Of Pennsylvania Opening Up

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Two months ago, Pennsylvania companies that handle driver license testing saw business come to a screeching halt because of the coronavirus shutdowns. Now, some say they're worried they're going to lose business to parts of the commonwealth that are opening up.

Some drivers are looking forward to some of these restrictions being lifted, but a number of testing sites that are still on lockdown feel left behind.

Wanting permission to drive, learn how to drive, or even extend their IDs, many people have been waiting months for PennDOT driver license centers to reopen.

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Third-party partner Driven 2 Drive has six locations in southeastern Pennsylvania.

"We've had zero revenue since. We haven't been able to get any loans, any grants. All of that has been up in the air," said Ronit Tehrani with Driven 2 Drive.

Under Gov. Tom Wolf's instruction, restrictions are being lifted in certain parts of the commonwealth. That means PennDOT will reopen driver license centers in 24 northwestern and north-central Pennsylvania counties now ranked yellow.

"We're kind of sitting here waiting, losing our customers to people who are going to be traveling there to take their test," Tehrani said.

Tehrani is worried, as they head into the busiest time of the year for the driving school industry, that locals from our region will flock to where they can finally get licensed, increasing the potential of spreading the virus in the process.

"If we're located in Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, I don't see why people that live in those counties in the red should be allowed to travel and potentially spread the virus to the yellow parts of the state," Tehrani said.

Wolf says PennDOT will ensure clients are safe and hinted to the fact that pressure will be eased in the near future.

"I will make an announcement tomorrow as to more openings, so hopefully the pressure on those 24 counties will be relieved," Wolf said.


If your Pennsylvania driver's license, learner's permit or ID expired during the pandemic, those dates have been extended through June 30.

For people looking to obtain any of those for the very first time, there is a backlog.

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