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Johnny Goodtimes Keeping The Good Times Rolling With Virtual Zoom Quizzos During Coronavirus Quarantine

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's been months since we've truly been able to connect with friends. One popular way to do that had been bar trivia, or Quizzo as it's commonly known.

Even during the coronavirus quarantine, people are still teaming up -- virtually.

Question No. 1: Quizzo became popular in the United States in which city?

The answer? Philadelphia.

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Question No. 2: Who is the best-known quiz master in the city? Johnny Goodtimes.

Goodtimes has been a trivia host in the city for the past 18 years. How many questions has he asked during that time?

"Over 30,000 questions. About 32,400 is my rough guess," Goodtimes said.

And over those 18 years and estimated 5,000 Quizzo nights, Goodtimes has hosted for people from all walks of life and in every corner of town. But with bars and restaurants closed, the game must go on.

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"The neat thing about Quizzo is that you've got a community and the community still wants to hang out," he said. "They hang out every week together, they still wanna hang out every week together."

With the move to Zoom, Goodtimes says he's still seeing the same number of Quizzo players each week.

"When you do the Zoom quiz, the thing that's been really neat is that I've had teams that used to play 10 years ago that moved out to Arizona or Oregon or whatever, and now all of a sudden, they're playing again so that's been really cool," he said.


To make things interesting, Goodtimes has done an April madness quiz bracket and now a World Cup of Quizzo. But he says it's about camaraderie during this time apart and an escape from the loneliness.

"The trivia is just an excuse to get those folks together in a Zoom room, have a couple beers together, laugh a little," Goodtimes said. "I think that, yes, people love trivia, but I think for this, for these past two months, it's really been more about community and friendships than it's been about the actual questions."

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