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Corbett, State Democrats At Odds Over Adding Games To PA Lottery

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, PA. (CBS) -- Governor Tom Corbett's spokesman disputes the claims of Democrats who say that adding games like Keno to the Lottery's line-up would require an act of the legislature.

Democratic Legislative leaders say adding games like Keno to the Lottery represents an expansion of gambling and that Governor Corbett needs a bill on his desk to do it. But Corbett's spokesman Kevin Harley says administration attorneys have reviewed the matter and have come to a different conclusion.

"We've looked at it closely,"made a legal analysis," Harley says, "and our determination is that if Keno were to be introduced in the future, that it could be done so without having to have legislation passed."

The issue of adding Keno has been raised as part of an initiative that could lead to privatizing the management of the Lottery -- something that legislative Democrats are up in arms about, as well.

The administration is currently vetting a proposal from a company based in Britain to run the Pennsylvania Lottery.

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