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Corbett Spokesman Says 'Wisconsin-Style' Showdown Not Expected In Pa.

HARRISBURG (CBS) - A spokesman for Governor Corbett says he expects to negotiate with state union workers in "good faith" and does not expect a Wisconsin-style showdown over collecting bargaining rights in Pennsylvania.

Kevin Harley, spokesman for Governor Corbett, had little to say about the spectacle taking place in Wisconsin.

"We're focused on Pennsylvania. We have a $4 billion-plus deficit that we have to address, that the governor has been spending the majority of his time with. We anticipate that we will begin negotiations with AFSCME in good faith, and we expect that they will begin those negotiations in good faith with us," Harley said.

Harley dismissed questions about whether the governor would sign legislation similar to that in Wisconsin that would limit public worker union collective bargaining rights, suggesting a bill like that is unlikely to pass the Pennsylvania legislature.

If it got to his desk, Harley says Corbett would sign legislation that would ban the requirement of union membership as a condition of employment. A so-called 'right to-work' bill is expected to be introduced.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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