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Cops: 'Heartless Monster' Abducted 4-Year-Old Girl, Sexually Assaulted Her

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS)--Authorities say the young girl abducted Thursday night was sexually assaulted during the two hours she was with her kidnapper.

Police in New Castle County say it's now their highest priority to find the "heartless monster" that took her and attacked her.

"Every member of the New Castle County Police Department is committed, regardless of their assignment, to solving and apprehending this heartless monster," said Col. Vaughn Bond with the New Castle County Police Department.

At around 7 p.m. Thursday night, the 4-year-old girl was abducted along Sugar Plum Court, just outside her home.

"It was quick, very quick," said Neighbor Edward Onizuk.

Witnesses and police say the little girl was riding bikes with about a half dozen other children, when she was suddenly snatched by a man in a dark sedan.

Her friends, the youngest 7-years-old and the oldest 11, tried to save her.

"One of the other little girls went running after him, and she was calling out for help," added Onizuk.

This entire community sprung into action looking for the 4-year-old. At around 8:45 p.m. she was seen in Wilmington, walking near Banning Park with very little clothes on.

She was taken to a hospital and police said, and there was evidence she was sexually assaulted.

"No one has a right to violate anyone, but you reached an all new low level when you want to take it vantage of a child," added Col. Bond.

Authorities are hoping for help in find the girl's attacker.

The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic man with dark hair. He was last seen driving a dark sedan with very tinted windows.

"We recognize that is not a lot to go on, but I am confident and it is happened time and time again that small detail such as that is enough," said Col. Bond.

Police are also asking parents in New Castle County to be vigilant. Do not let your children play outside unattended.

Call New Castle County Police if you see anything suspicious.

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