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Congresswoman Blackburn: '70% Of The American People Are For Congress Taking Away The President's Executive Amnesty Order'

By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Chris Stigall talked with Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC.

Blackburn said she is disappointed with the Senate leadership splitting a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama's executive order on immigration.

"It should've been the Senate Republicans to speak out and to demand that the Democrats show up and do their job and what you got is the Democrats who are calling the shots right now. It is my legislation, HR5272, that blocks President Obama's executive amnesty. We passed it with bipartisan support in the House as an amendment to the DHS funding bill...70 percent of the American people are for Congress taking away the President's executive amnesty order."

She does not think Republicans in the Senate are doing as much as Republicans in the House of Representatives to stand in the way of the President's agenda.

"We have to remember, there still is a Democrat in the White House. This administration is very aggressive with executive orders and executive memos so they're going to continue to try and circumvent Congress. While we in the House are very active and pushing forward conservative bills, the Senate, they work at a slower pace. They're getting themselves organized. They're going to be rolling at a slower pace than we are in the House. We've been putting bills on Harry Reid's desk for four years, trying to get them out of the Senate. We had 382 bills ready to go on day one. The Senate's gotta pick the pace up and be ready to take those bills up."

Blackburn would like to have seen Senate take up the continuing resolution passed by the House to put more political pressure of Democrats.

"Force them to take a vote because, at this point, the way they're acting, the President can, kind of, hide behind their skirt tales and say 'don't you send me that bill. I'll have to veto that bill.' Well, maybe it is time to just say alright we're going to put it out here, the bill is open for amendment. If you want to strike and amend portions of the bill, have at it. I would love to see them vote because you've got seven Democrats who have spoken out against executive amnesty."

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