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Closing Arguments Heard In Castro Case

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A federal jury in Philadelphia has now heard closing arguments and is deliberating in the case of former Philadelphia police Inspector Daniel Castro. Castro is charged with extortion, bribery and other offenses. 

Daniel Castro admits he fell, but the defense contends he was entrapped. He wasn't predisposed to commit these crimes. But proscutor Louis Lappen has told the jury Castro didn't fall, he jumped in with both feet.

"That is what is in his head, that is what is in his heart, that is what is in his soul. He is in this case a criminal through and through," said Lappen.

Defense attorney Brian McMonagle says Castro had been an honest hardworking cop for 25 years and during his closing admonished "don't you dare tell me he was predisposed to commit a crime."

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio

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