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Cleanup Efforts Underway Following Papal Visit

By Diana Rocco

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Now that the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are making their journey back home following the papal visit, the rush is on to get Philadelphia cleaned up and back to normal.

The State Police are moving out in formation marching down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to the applause of a grateful crowd, a sure sign the party is over.

"The great job with security that they did protecting the Holy Father this weekend it was just, just everything was very moving," said David Smeal of Boalsburg, Pa.

The faithful have departed and the Parkway and surrounding streets have been left covered in garbage. Empty water bottles, pallets of unopened water and overflowing garbage cans have given sanitation and cleanup crews a big job.

"We road tripped from just outside Chicago," said one woman.

Gates and barricades still remain but the work has started and will likely last for days. It could be a week before the city looks like itself again, but so many came from so far away and are now leaving with a lifetime memory.

"It was just beautiful. The mass was beautiful, the music was beautiful and it was a wonderful experience."

"It was worth it."

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