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Chris Sheridan: Sixers Could Become 'A Powerhouse For A Decade'

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Sixers made a number of moves on the NBA's trade deadline day including a pair of moves that shipped out reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams and promising rookie K.J. McDaniels.

After the dust settled, NBA reporter Chris Sheridan joined Josh Innes and Jody McDonald to share his thoughts on the Sixers moves.

There are a number of differing opinions on the approach that Sam Hinkie is taking to rebuild the Sixers. Sheridan falls on the side of people who support Hinkie's tactics.

Sheridan first referenced the possibility of the Sixers acquiring the Lakers pick should it fall to sixth in the draft and pairing that with their own selection.

"When you start talking about getting top-6 players, or top-3 players, these are the kind of guys that become transcendent superstar caliber players.

LISTEN: Chris Sheridan talks Sixers deadline deals and future with Josh Innes and Jody McDonald

"It's nice to have a bunch of draft picks and be picking in the teens, or have three or four draft picks and be picking in the twenties or thirties, but when you're up in the single-digits, you're able to get your hands on the kind of talented players that come around once in a lifetime."

Sheridan also praised the Sixers vision reminding listeners that when the new NBA TV deal goes into effect, the salary cap will drastically increase which will allow the Sixers the chance to cultivate all this young talent and have the money to keep them all in Sixers uniforms.

Many fans questioned why the Sixers would deal away a reigning Rookie of the Year in Carter-Williams. Sheridan offered his take on the Bucks new point guard.

"Yeah, Michael Carter-Williams is a nice player, but Michael Carter-Williams is not a transcendent player," Sheridan said. "He's turnover prone. He's not a great shooter. He can fill the stat line for a bad team, but I don't think Michael Carter-Williams is going to lead you to multiple championships."

Sheridan described Hinkie's approach as "a fascinating experiment to watch."

He added, "if they do this right, you have a team that is going to be a powerhouse for a decade."


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