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'There Was Fire Everywhere': Two Horses Dead After Brush Fire Destroys Chester County Barn

POCOPSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) -- Wind-whipped flames caused destruction in Chester County. The fire danger has turned deadly.

Chester County firefighters have been on the move nonstop fighting brush fires. The biggest one on Sunday was a barn fire that left two horses dead.

"Oh my God," John Lavin said in a Facebook Live video.

In real-time, Lavin documented on Facebook Live the fiery destruction of this barn.

"Is the car, van on fire?" Lavin said in the video.

The blazing, towering inferno called the attention of neighbors in the Pocopson Township area.

"I looked out the window and the top of the barn, it was about 30 feet of just flames," neighbor Nicole Henwood said.

Embers flying away from the blaze set off more fires in a straight line direction.

"The wind made it so bad that the embers were starting to put the lawns in our neighborhood on fire," Lisa Photopoulos said.

The Wawaset Road farm owner was able to rescue two horses, along five other retired thoroughbreds, but tragically, two died in the fire.

A feeling of helplessness was apparent.

"It was horrible," Lavin said. "I don't even know if I have words. But when I got out, it was just fully engulfed."

The barn also had apartments where four people lived. All were OK.

"The fire advanced quite quickly, according to some tenants, it was within a minute or two there was fire everywhere," Longwood Fire Company Chief A.J. McCarthy said. "They were fortunate to get out."

The property owner was treated and released from the hospital. He had some burns to his hands and face.

The state police fire marshal is now leading the investigation.

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