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Central Pa. Woman To Create Canine Amusement Park

LANCASTER, Pa. (CBS) – Amusement parks abound for humans, but what about one for our four-legged friends?

That's what Angela Bauman proposed, and it won her a national contest.

Bauman and her dog, Beau, won Purina's "Dream Dog Park Contest," earning them $500,000 to put toward the renovation of an existing city dog park.

In Angela's winning entry, she says, "There is nothing better than an amusement park to keep a humans entertained and stimulated for hours on end. I feel like the goal of a dog park is for our dogs to interact with other dogs, and to keep them stimulated for an extended period of time. How about a canine amusement park?" Bauman then goes on to lay out plans for her dream park, including a pool or water area, an indoor area for rainy days and a "roller coasters" section, with activities designed to get dogs running up and over hills and under bridges.

And don't worry—Angela has envisioned a little something for the humans as well. She sees them interacting "more with their dogs within the park" than they are able to in a traditional dog park setting.

To view the winning entry, vist:

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