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Riding A Pizza? On 'Pi Day' In Center City, It's For Science

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Students were taking science for a ride today in Center City. It was in celebration of "Pi Day" on this 3.14 March 14th.

This pizza's toppings include mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers -- and 10th grader Jillian:

"It's a hovercraft, so air pushes against the ground and I'm lifted up."

Pi Day
(credit: Ian Bush)

There's nothing cheesy about this pie. It's plywood covered in cloth and felt and has a leaf blower for lift.

"So they can feel the inertia laws,  straight line motion," said John McMurray, head of STEM education for Reach Cyber Charter School, which invited its students from kindergarten through college prep to Harrisburg University's Philadelphia campus.

"I really want kids to be able to understand the jobs of the future are the things they're experimenting with now," McMurray said.

They're going hands-on with eSports, robot design.

"We're learning a coding language," Jillian explained,"C++."

Jillian's team is building and programming something you might see overhead.

"It's going to be our drone and we're going to be able to fly it and make it do different things," she said. "Somebody else is programming it to make a song. The drones have lights and they can make sounds. It's fun."

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